City of Lawrence




Mayor and City Commission


City Manager David L. Corliss


May 30, 2013


Update on Staff work on the recommendation for 2014 City budget



City staff continues to work on several items related to the preparation of the City Manager’s recommended 2014 City budget.


We have prepared a base-line 2014 General Fund budget. This base-line general fund budget reflects staff recommendations to date on 2014 revenues and department 2014 budget numbers which do not include any new staffing or program enhancements. It does not include additional expenditures for outside City agencies which are still under review. The Social Service Advisory Board has provided their recommendations for expenditures which are included in this draft budget.


At this stage in budget development, expenditures in the general fund exceed revenues (at 98% expenditure level) by approximately $899,000.  Further refinement of detailed expenditures and revenue forecasts – along with work to achieve additional efficiencies – will be part of our work program in the coming weeks before providing a recommended budget. 


Among the strongest considerations for additional expenditures – which would require additional revenues or base-line budget cuts of staff reductions, etc. – is the top public safety priority of additional staffing for emergency communications (911 center).   The current funding arrangement has the City paying 66% of these expenditures.   Additional discussions with the County is expected on this item in the coming weeks.


The City Manager’s recommended budget should be available to the City Commission prior to the end of June.


See the 2014 budget calendar for additional dates related to the 2014 budget process.