City Commission

Study Session  


May 1, 2012

4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

City Commission Chambers – City Hall





04/27/12 @ 1:30 p.m.:



v  Police Department Facility Needs Assessment  Presentation    Needs Assessment Study (12.1MB File)


As time allows, staff would like to begin discussions on 2013 budget issues:


o   2011 General Fund Information    Staff Memo - Added 04/27/12


o   2013 Budget Issues


·         Budget Goals - focus on priorities – public safety, infrastructure, economic development


·         City Departments Directed to prepare budgets that reflect 2011 expenditure levels for non-personnel to the extent possible   Staff Memo


·         Additional funding requests continue to be received


·         Beginning list of 2013 budget issues:

*Assessed valuation likely decrease

*Continued funding participation for County/City Sustainability Coordinator

*Economic Development funding

*Water/Wastewater master plan and request for rate increases for improvements

*Solid Waste Division proposed changes for carts; no fee increase proposed  Staff Memo

*Police facility

*Police equipment needs

*City costs for indigent defense (legal aid)

*City Fee/ Transfer Policy Adoption

*Capital debt budget issues:

Radio Infrastructure Memo

Recreation facility infrastructure

31st Street/ K-10 (tonight’s discussion) 

Infrastructure Sales Tax plan

*Employee Compensation, KPERS/KP&F, Health Care/OPEB, Supplemental pay for City employees on military leave  


·         Commissioner Inquires


·          2013 Budget Calendar