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Brandon McGuire, Assistant to the City Manager


Gregory C. Burns Jr., Chief of Police


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Scott McCullough, Planning and Development Director


Derek Rodgers, Director Parks and Recreation


Melinda Harger, MSO Assistant Director


Anthony Brixius, Police Captain


February 27, 2019


Police Facility Phase 1 Project Update



The City of Lawrence has been considering a new police facility since 2011 when the facility needs assessment began. In 2016, the City Commission approved 1.5 million dollars in the 2017 CIP for design and professional services of a police facility. The Police Department presented to the City Commission a phased approach to the police facility in April 2017. During the 2018 budget process, the City Commission approved $17 million to construct Phase I of a police facility. In September 2017, the City Commission adopted Resolution No. 7222, authorizing the construction of the new police facility and the issuance of general obligation bonds for up to $18.5 million, not including financing costs. City Commission selected 5100 Overland Drive as the site for the police facility in December 2017.


The City Commission approved Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) as the construction method for Phase I of the police facility in May 2018 and authorized the City Manager to execute agreements with Hoefer Wysocki in August 2018 for architectural services and Turner Construction in December 2018 for construction management services.


Project Status

The police facility project is currently in the Design Development (DD) phase. Schematic Design (SD) was completed in January. Planning submittals for rezoning, preliminary plat and Special Use Permit are being reviewed and will be presented to the Planning Commission in March.


Staff has continued to seek public input on the police facility and park. Three public meetings were held regarding the location of the facility on the site and elements the public would like to have in the park. The public meetings were held on September 26th, November 7th, and December 19th. Area residents were notified by mailing and city residents were notified by social media through the city and police department. Public feedback was utilized in the development of the facility and park layout as well as in the selection of the park amenities to be shown on the site master plan. A final public meeting will be held on March 20th at the Sports Pavilion Lawrence.

Sustainability Initiatives

One of the project goals established early was the desire to incorporate sustainability and green building initiatives into the design of the police facility. Green building is the practice of designing, constructing, and operating buildings to maximize occupant health and productivity, use fewer resources, reduce waste and negative environmental impacts, and decrease life-cycle costs. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is one of the most widely used green building rating systems. The design team utilized a LEED checklist to identify opportunities that resulted in the following:

Increased Building Energy Performance

·         Mechanical System Energy Efficiency:  30% increase in energy efficiency vs. building code minimum.

·         Lighting and Controls:  100% LED lighting, automatic dimmer controls in open office areas, and motion sensors on individual rooms.

·         Improved energy efficiency of building envelope:  Continuous insulation on envelope with high R-values, along with high-performance glazing.

·         Large overhangs:  Large overhangs shade norther glass from direct sunlight but allow winter sunlight to enter space.

·         Reflective Roof:  Increases energy efficiency.

Maximized Occupant Health and Wellness

·         Connection to Natural Environment:  Locating buildings and trails for occupant interaction with preserved tree and drainage areas.

·         External Wellness Areas:  Workout and patio area that face protected tree line. Connection to running trail.

·         Maximize Daylight and Views:  Large northern facing windows allowing for natural light throughout space.  Added sidelights in offices to allow more transparency throughout.

·         Control of Indoor Pollutant Sources:  Specialized HVAC control greatly reduces airborne contaminants, while large vestibules are utilized to keep foot-carried contaminants contained…mud room in sally port for bad contaminants.

·         Low Emitting Materials:  Non-pollutant materials and adhesives minimize off-gassing.

Other Green Building Elements

·         Use of Local and Regional Materials:  Majority of building materials within 500-mile radius of Lawrence.

·         Water Use Reduction:  Utilization of unirrigated, natural plantings on the majority of the site and low-flow fixtures inside the building

·         Maximize use of open spaces:  Design is compact and is considered a “park” with a police station in it.

·         Stormwater detention:  Utilize existing stream bed without building or disturbing other land masses.


Percent for Art

In accordance with Resolution 7070 related to public art, The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission (LCAC) will oversee the public art selection process for the new Police facility. The approved 2019 CIP allocates $340,000 for public art for the project. The LCAC has determined that to provide maximum public access, installing the public art outside and within the park area of the new police facility campus provides the best opportunity. The LCAC will work collaboratively with the Parks and Recreation Department to facilitate the public art project in coordination with the park design.


This spring, the LCAC will assemble an Artist Selection Panel (ASP) and issue a national Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for this project. The ASP will comprise one or more of the following: project stakeholder, arts professional, and community representative. Interested artists will submit their qualifications for review by the ASP who will select an artist or artists and make their recommendation the LCAC before final review by the City Commission. It is anticipated that the artist selection process will be completed by mid-summer.


Project Budget & Schematic Design Cost Estimate

The total approved project budget for planning, design, and construction is $18.5 million. The City Commission’s decision to use CMAR as the delivery method allows staff flexibility to make adjustments to the project based on cost estimates provided at various stages of design and deliver the project within budget.


The breakdown for the $18.5 million project budget has been modified to allow furniture to be purchased directly by the City for reduced mark-up and cost savings. The budget still reflects an Owner project contingency of $250,000 for the exclusive use of the City and the future GMP Amendment will include a separate construction contingency.


Budget Description

Budget Amount

Design/Preconstruction Services


Construction Phase Professional Services, Testing, & Inspections


Owner’s FF&E


Owner’s Project Contingency


Construction GMP


Total Project Budget



The SD construction cost estimate for the facility buildout with Investigations and Administration is $17,650,000, which includes $1.4 million in contingencies as well as escalation related to the cost of materials and labor. The cost estimate prepared by Turner includes an itemized list of construction costs, so $1.8 million in budget control reductions and potential alternate bid items have already been identified and are summarized below:


Accepted Budget Control Items

Budget Amount

Reduce building area by 1,500 SF


Provide exterior shell only for vehicle building


Revisions to interior materials and building details


Revised grading plan to keep excavated soil & rock onsite


Total Reduction from Accepted Budget Control Items




Alternate Bid Items

Budget Amount

Provide shelled space for Investigations


Alternate materials for ceiling, pavement, subgrade prep


Reduction in contingencies and escalation


Total Reduction from Alternate Bid Items



Staff directed the design team to proceed with these budget control reductions and alternate bid items in order to keep the project within budget. Staff will have the updated DD cost estimate within a few weeks and will provide another update to the City Commission in May.


Project Schedule

Schematic Design & Design Development

Nov 2018 – Mar 2019

Construction Documents & Building Permits

Mar 2019 – Jul 2019

Construction (Early Site Bid Package)

Jun/Jul 2019

Facility Construction

Aug 2019 – Aug 2020


The Special Use Permit for the police facility and site master plan for the park will be brought to the City Commission for approval in May 2019. The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) will be determined by July 2019, and construction will begin after the City Commission has approved the GMP Amendment. Final completion of the phase 1 police facility construction will be in the fall of 2020.



Receive update on the Police Facility Phase 1, Project PD1803CIP.