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Commission Meeting Date:  Jan. 8, 2019

Staff Contact:

Shaun Coffey, Interim Fire Chief

Recommendations/Options/Action Requested:


Receive update on Fire Station 1 Project budget. 


Executive Summary:

The original sealed bid (SB-B1758-0-2017/JW1) opening was conducted on November 21, 2017, for the remodel of Fire Station No. 1 and The Senior Resource Center for Douglas County (SRC) facilities located at 746 Kentucky Street and 745 Vermont Street respectively.  This project was approved by the City Commission on December 12, 2017, with a building permit issued on May 5, 2018 and Notice to Proceed issued on May 7, 2018.


Several modifications to the original design were required at the direction of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).  The lawsuit filed by one of the bidders of the project has been resolved in the City’s favor.  The lawsuit and the design changes have caused delays in the project since the project bid was awarded in December 12, 2017.  City staff received information from the contractor indicating several change orders necessary for the project as a result of the delays (primarily increases in project material cost) and redesign.  On July 8, 2018, a change order totaling $249,018.00 was approved by the Commission.   


On November 10, 2017, the City and Douglas County signed an agreement for cost sharing for the remodel of Fire Station No. 1 and the SRC.  For the reconstruction work conducted on the Fire Station side, it was agreed upon that the County would pay 25.64% of the actual cost for the reconstruction work.  On the side occupied by the SRC, the County would pay 32% of the actual cost.   This cost sharing agreement now requires updating to reflect overall project cost increases, including the July 2018 change order.  The update to this agreement will be the subject of a related agenda item.


The project has also anticipated $1,419,630.00 in historic rehabilitation tax credit value. 


The project budget and construction contract includes a contingency of $260,000.00.  Currently the approved contingency for the project is nearing exhaustion.  $215,980.00 has been applied to contingency.


The following are some of the items against contingency:

  • COR #003 $12,465.00 1200 Amp Disconnect on Exterior
  • COR #008 $25,932.00 Steel Angles & Masonry
  • COR #010 $16,718.00 Relocation of Sand/Oil Separator
  • COR #012 $44,924.00 Repair of Sanitary Sewer beneath building
  • COR #013 $19,548.00 Demo/Replace Ceiling in former ballroom
  • COR #014 $10,566.00 Add sink to Break Room SRC
  • COR #015 $30,072.00 Reinforce roof joints in ballroom
  • COR #017 $26,666.00 Steel framing for new poles
  • COR #027 $12,136.00 TV blocking, electrical, EERS timer switch    


The following are credits towards the contingency:

  • COR #005 $3,708.00 Stainless steel cabinet
  • COR #009 $680.00 Concrete Reduction
  • COR #011 $3,963.00 Change from Cast iron to PVC
  • COR #022 $2,960.00 Walkway removal
  • COR #024 $435.00 Against allowance for footings in museum bay


There are also several change orders that are in process.  These items include:

  • COR #016 $39,353.00 Museum Bay Roof Joint Reinforcement
  • COR #025 $34,282.00 Fire Alarm System
  • COR #026 $11,059.00 Make up Air


Additional possible change orders include:

  • Hard Ceilings in SRC
  • Elevator refit in SRC


Staff wanted the City Commission to be aware of the current budget status as all change orders above the $260,000 contingency threshold will require City Commission approval. 


Strategic Plan Critical Success Factor

Safe, Healthy, and Welcoming Neighborhoods

Core Services

Sound Fiscal Stewardship

Collaborative Solutions

Fiscal Impact (Amount/Source):

Current total commitment of $260,000.00 contingency within project is $215,980.00 based upon current change order requests.  Pending change order requests total $84,694.00.  Items over the $260,000 threshold will require City Commission approval. 



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