Commission Meeting Date: December 18, 2018

Staff Contact:


Melinda Harger, MSO Assistant Director

Anthony Brixius, Captain

Recommendations/Options/Action Requested:

Authorize the City Manager to execute a construction management agreement with Turner Construction, in the amount of $35,000 for preconstruction services, and 2.45% of the Guaranteed Maximum Price for Construction to be established later in 2019, for the Police Facility Phase 1, Project PD1803CIP.

Executive Summary:

City Commission approved $1.5 million in the 2017 CIP for design and professional services of a police facility and approved $17 million in the 2019 CIP to construct Phase I of the police facility. In September 2017, the City Commission adopted Resolution No. 7222, authorizing the construction of the new police facility and the issuance of general obligation bonds to fund the project. The Commission approved the use of the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) delivery method for the Police Facility Phase 1 project in May 2018 and authorized the advertisement of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for construction management services in August 2018. The RFP outlined the Expertise-Driven Project Delivery (XPD) process in addition to detailing the required project scope.

The construction managerís scope of work for the CMAR delivery method includes constructability reviews and cost estimates during preconstruction, development of the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to construct the project, construction administration, construction supervision, inspection, equipment, labor, tools, materials, and overhead to complete the work of the project.


The CMAR delivery method provides early collaboration between the design team and the construction manager, includes a GMP contract with open book costing, and maintains a competitive bid process for significant elements of the project.

Strategic Plan Critical Success Factor

Safe, Healthy, and Welcoming Neighborhoods

Core Services

Sound Fiscal Stewardship

Fiscal Impact (Amount/Source):

The construction management services agreement will have a fiscal impact of $35,000 for preconstruction services and approximately $16 million with execution of the GMP Amendment in early summer of 2019. Total project cost for design and construction will be $18.5 million. This project will be funded with general obligation bonds and was included in the Police Department CIP, Projects PD1708CIP and PD1803CIP.


Police Facility Construction Management Services Memo

Construction Manager Agreement


Previous Agenda Reports:

April 11, 2017, Work Session Item #2a

Discussion on city facilities: Police Department facilities

Site Selection Memo

Police Facility Master Plan Memo



September 5, 2017, Consent Agenda Item #7

Adopt Resolution No. 7222, authorizing the construction of Phase 1 of a new Police Facility of the City of Lawrence, Kansas, pursuant to Charter Ordinance No. 40, and the issuance of General Obligation Bonds to pay the costs thereof.

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December 5, 2017, Regular Agenda Item #2a-c

Designate approximately 16 acres of the city-owned property located at 5100 Overland Drive as the site for the future police facility.

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January 16, 2018, Regular Agenda Item #6

Adopt on first reading, Charter Ordinance No. 45, specifically enabling the City to utilize alternative construction methods, and repealing Charter Ordinance No. 19.

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May 1, 2018, Regular Agenda Item #5

Approve the alternative project delivery procedures for the City of Lawrence.

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May 15, 2018, Regular Agenda Item #6

Authorize the City Manager to utilize the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) delivery method for Phase I of the Police Facility finding it is in the public interest pursuant to Charter Ordinance No. 45 and authorize staff to advertise a Request for Proposal, RFP R1809, for design services.

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August 21, 2018, Regular Agenda Item #3

Authorize the City Manager to execute an Architectural Services Agreement, in the amount of $1,348,800, with Hoefer Wysocki, for design services for the Police Facility Phase 1 Project PD1803CIP. 


Authorize staff to proceed with issuing an RFP for Construction Manager at Risk Services for the Police Facility Phase 1 Project PD1803CIP.

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