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Commission Meeting Date: June 12, 2017

Staff Contact:

Amanda Sahin, Transportation Engineer

Recommendations/Options/Action Requested:


Approve the project list for the 2018 Traffic Calming, CIP Project Number PW17E8.


Executive Summary:

The 2018 CIP includes $200,000 in General Obligation Debt for Traffic Calming (PW17E8). Staff utilized the traffic calming rankings established in the current policy to recommend the projects to be completed with this funding. At the March 5, 2018 Transportation Commission Meeting, the board recommended approval of the projects as presented by staff. The projects and their rankings that are recommended are:


Traffic Calming utilizing speed humps:

  Missouri St, 8th St to 9th St (Project #1)

  Arkansas St, 8th St to 9th St (Project #2)

  Lincoln St, 3rd St to 7th St (Project #5)

  W 24th St, Crossgate Dr to Kasold Dr (Project #7)

Traffic Calming utilizing a bicycle boulevard:

  13th St , Massachusetts St to Haskell Ave (Project #4)


These streets will be designated as main trafficways.


Two high ranked projects were not recommended for inclusion since they didnt achieve the 70% approval of residents within 300 feet of the proposed speed humps. The #3 ranked project was 9th Street, Lawrence Ave to Crestline Dr, this project received 44% approval. The #6 ranked project was Rockledge Rd, 6th St to 9th St, this project received 32% approval. In addition, the project on West 24th St has been reduced in scope from the original request. The requestor was only able to achieve 70% resident approval for three of the five speed humps. The three speed humps on the western section of the road will be constructed.


13th Street from Connecticut St to Haskell Avenue has been on the traffic calming list since 2006. In 2016 the Pedestrian Bicycle Issues Task Force Report identified 13th St from Massachusetts St to Haskell Ave as a future bicycle boulevard. Addressing the desire for traffic calming on 13th St, while also completing this important piece of the bicycle network allows us to implement the community vision for safer streets. Therefore, it is proposed that this project be completed with the 2018 Traffic Calming funds.


A memo explaining the process utilized in recommending the bicycle boulevard project as well as some additional information on bicycle boulevards is attached.


The plans for the speed humps listed above will be completed in house and bid for construction late this summer or fall. We will issue an RFQ for design services on the 13th Street bicycle boulevard project and construction will occur next year. The design process will include an opportunity for public participation.


The Transportation Commission voted 9-0 to recommend approval of the project list as presented by staff.


As a reminder, there is currently a moratorium on traffic calming requests which was summarized in a memo to City Commission in February 2018. The memo stated that the 2018 traffic calming budget would be spent on projects that were on the approved list using the existing scoring criteria. We anticipate bringing a new policy forward later this year.


Strategic Plan Critical Success Factor


Safe, Healthy, and Welcoming Neighborhoods


Fiscal Impact (Amount/Source):

Approval of the request, as recommended, has a $200,000 impact to the City Budget which will be funded with General Obligation Bonds, CIP Project Number PW17E8.


Meeting Minutes

Report & Attachments

Traffic Calming Project Ranking

2018 Bicycle Boulevard Memo



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