Lawrence Parks and Recreation

Commission Meeting Date:  April 17, 2018

Staff Contact:

Derek Rogers

Recommendations/Options/Action Requested:

1.    Adoption of a two-phased aquatics daily admission fee increase, with a $1.00 increase effective May 1, 2018, and a subsequent $1.00 increase effective January 1, 2020. 

2.    Change the age range for the Child Daily Admission rate from 5-17 years-old to 3-17 years-old.   


Executive Summary:

Aquatic operations for Lawrence Parks and Recreation are funded through a combination of user fees and sales tax. Historically, the City Commission has reserved the right to approve changes to the daily aquatics admission fees, while all other fee adjustments have been administratively approved.


Compared to surrounding local municipalities providing similar aquatics activities, facilities and amenities, the City charges approximately 40 percent less for daily admission.


Since the last admission rate increase in 2008, operational expenses have increased by fifteen percent (15%), approximately $88,000. annually. To offset the increase in expenditures, the Aquatic Division generated an additional 10.3 percent or roughly $68,000 in user fee revenue through a series of program and rental rate increases and the addition of a third private swim club. Over the past five years, the total number of enrollments in aquatic programs has increased 37 percent. However, increased enrollments coupled with increased rentals (three private swim clubs and one high school swim team) leaves little to no room to add additional programming or provide additional rental space moving forward.

Aquatics facilities and programs will continue to be accessible to the entire community, as the Department donates approximately 5,000 passes annually for entry into the aquatic centers and more than $1,000 in scholarship awards for aquatic programming.

Strategic Plan Critical Success Factor

Sound Fiscal Stewardship


Fiscal Impact (Amount/Source):

The recommended aquatics daily admission fee increase is expected to increase revenue by $66,500 in 2018 and an additional $69,000 in 2020.



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