Public Works Department

Commission Meeting Date:  August 1, 2017

Staff Contact:

Dave Cronin, City Engineer

Recommendations/Options/Action Requested:


Authorize the City Manager to execute an Engineering Services Agreement with Bartlett & West Engineers in the amount of $169,990 for PW1502 East Ninth Project.


Adopt Resolution No. 7220, authorizing the issuance of General Obligation Bonds in the amount of $2,500,000 plus the cost of issuance and interest for the East Ninth Project.



Executive Summary:

At the June 20, 2017 City Commission meeting, the City Commission authorized staff to negotiate a design contract with Bartlett & West Engineers.  Bartlett & West is familiar with the project and has obtained a majority of the survey information needed during the concept stage.  


Bartlett & West will prepare final design plans for reconstruction of 9th Street from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania to meet the ‘basic street’ design concept presented by staff.  The design will include reconstruction with concrete pavement, storm sewer, 6’ sidewalks on both sides of street, on-street parking, pedestrian lighting, street trees, retaining walls and preserving green space.  The design will not include bike facilities, underground electrical or decorative street lighting poles at intersections.


A public meeting will be held at field check stage (50% plans complete) to discuss construction schedule and impacts with the neighbors and adjacent property owners.  The estimated construction cost is $2,100,000 and the design fee of $169,000 is approximately 8.0% of the total construction cost and in-line with the city design fee guidelines.


Strategic Plan Critical Success Factor

Safe, Healthy, and Welcoming Neighborhoods

Innovative Infrastructure and Asset Management

Core Services


Fiscal Impact (Amount/Source):

The total fiscal impact is $2,500,000.  Approval of Resolution No. 7220 results in the issuance of $2,500,000 in General Obligation Bonds to fund the project.  Authorization to execute the engineering services agreement results in a cost of $169,990.  This item is in the 2018 CIP as project #PW17E6 with a budget of $2,500,000 (GO Bonds).


Engineering Services Agreement

Resolution No. 7220



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