Week ending August 5, 2017


Junior Olympics Summary

Attached is a summary of statistics for the Junior Olympics that was held July 24 – 31, 2017.


Transit Center Location Analysis Update

The Lawrence City Commission recently authorized a consultant-led study for a Transit Center Location Analysis. This is not a continuation of our original operational based study that was completed in February 2014. For this study to be successful, efforts to gain public input and understand community needs will play an important role. For this study the consultants have prepared a well-developed public engagement plan. The plan focuses on 1) identifying and articulating community values toward a transfer site or sites. 2) Reporting and confirming the information gained from meeting through presentation of conceptual designs for transfer sites. 3) Use the information gained through the public engagement process along with logistical/operational needs to develop recommended locations and site specific designs. Once developed these locations will be presented to the public for feedback and/or confirmation. 


The important dates in this public engagement plan are as follows:

August 3, 2017

Carnegie Library

200 W. 9th Street

4-5pm and 6-7pm


Will be available to the public from Aug 3-17


Will be available to the public October 2-16


Location and Time – TBD

Planned for the week of November 13


Will be available November 13 through the end of November.


Note: Invitations to the public meetings will be provided to all city commissioners and city commission candidates directly. Additionally, the consultants will work with staff to set up one-on-one meeting with each commissioner in the immediate future.


July 2017 City Population Estimates and Projections

Planning & Development Services provides the City’s 2017 Population Estimate and Projection for the City Commission’s and public’s information.


Lawrence Douglas County Fire Medical Monthly Activity Report

Attached, please find the Lawrence Douglas County Fire Medical Monthly Activity Report for June, 2017.


Lawrence Citizen Survey for Lawrence Police Department

Attached is information regarding a Citizen Survey for the Lawrence Police Department.


Future Agenda Items

Attached, please find a summary of future agenda items.


Future Work Session Items

Attached, please find a summary of future work session items.