City Manager’s Office

Commission Meeting Date:  August 8, 2017

Staff Contact:

Diane Stoddard, Assistant City Manager

Recommendations/Options/Action Requested:


Provide direction to staff regarding two requests for joint meetings- one with Douglas County and one with the USD 497 Board of Education and Douglas County.  Direct staff to work with Douglas County and School District officials regarding setting a date in early fall and work with Douglas County staff to set a date after the November elections. 


Executive Summary:

The School District has requested that the City of Lawrence and Douglas County consider a joint City-County-School District meeting.  The School District expressed a desire to meet in the fall before elections and then again after the first of the year.  It was relayed that a couple of topics that were suggested for discussion include exploring ways that the school district and the city/county could collaborate on bus transportation for students, as well as a continuing discussion of possibilities to expand internet service for low-income families across the community.


Douglas County has also suggested a joint City-County meeting.  They have requested to meet in August.  Staff suggests that it may be appropriate to delay the City-County meeting until after the November election as topics may involve long term funding issues and be more appropriate after the composition of the City Commission is determined given that there will be at least one new City Commissioner elected at that time.


With input from the City Commission, staff can work with staff at the School District and County regarding scheduling these meetings.  The Commission may also wish to provide input regarding topics of discussion. 


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Effective Governance/Professional Administration

Collaborative Solutions


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