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Commission Meeting Date: August 8, 2017

Staff Contact:

Porter Arneill, Director of Arts and Culture

Recommendations/Options/Action Requested:


Staff update on ArtPlace grant for East 9th Street


Executive Summary:

With the then potential East 9th Street project scope changes, the city sent a letter to the Lawrence Arts Center (LAC) outlining possible alternative programming options for inclusion in communications between the LAC and ArtPlace to seek and extension on the grant timeline. As a result, a grant extension was received by the LAC.


There is $335,000 in remaining funds from the ArtPlace-East 9th Street grant. The LAC worked with ArtPlace and city staff to develop a public art program framework that align with ArtPlace criteria and serves as a base public art program for Lawrence and the East 9th Street community.   


ArtPlace has affirmed that their grant funds must be spent before the overall ArtPlace grant program sunsets in June 2020 so there’s urgency in re-creating appropriate programming to implement the grant funds. Staff worked with LAC staff and ArtPlace to develop a public art project framework that will satisfy ArtPlace and benefit local artists by allowing a broad range of potential projects and community engagement. This proposed project framework (updated 08/04/17) was submitted by the LAC to ArtPlace on ArtPlace’s July 31st deadline and the LAC is awaiting their direction, approval, or changes.


Once the fundamental project framework is agreed to by ArtPlace, the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission will oversee further program development and implementation in collaboration with the LAC  ̶̶  in accord with current city policies and practices as described in Resolutions 7140 and 7070  ̶̶  and make a recommendation to the City Commission as soon as possible. ArtPlace funds will be used for the commissioning of artworks and to cover related administrative costs as described in the proposed project framework. The LAC will continue serving as the fiscal agent and hold contracts and make payments to the artists and part time project manager. Upon approval by ArtPlace, the city will develop an agreement for the $27,500 in administrative support identified in the project proposal which will cover city costs.


Strategic Plan Critical Success Factor


Effective Governance/Professional Administration

Safe, Healthy, and Welcoming Neighborhoods

Innovative Infrastructure and Asset Management

Sound Fiscal Stewardship

Collaborative Solutions


Fiscal Impact (Amount/Source):

The fiscal impact to the City is $0





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