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Thomas M. Markus – City Manager

Diane Stoddard – Assistant City Manager

Casey Toomay – Assistant City Manager



Steven Craig – Utilities Manager

Dave Wagner – Director of Utilities

Mike Lawless – Deputy Director of Utilities


Mark Hegeman – Utilities Superintendent

Carolyn Woodhead – Utilities Manager


June 30, 2016


Water and Wastewater Chemical Bid No. B1546 Award Modification



Bid No. B1546 awards for 2016 water and wastewater chemicals used in treatment processes were approved by the City Commission on December 1, 2015, including an award to Standard Purification for powdered activated carbon (PAC) at a unit price of $0.794/pound for use at the Clinton Water Treatment Plant (Clinton WTP). Calgon Carbon Corporation (Calgon) was the next lowest bidder to provide a complete quote as required by bid specifications. The PAC formulation provided by Standard Purification is not performing as needed in removing taste and odor compounds from Clinton WTP source water. Calgon’s PAC formulation has successfully treated these compounds, both in the past and in recent bench tests. The quoted unit price for Calgon PAC is currently 0.83/lb.


Staff Recommendation

In consideration of optimal chemical treatment of source compounds at the Clinton WTP, staff recommends modification of Bid No. 1546 to award the PAC bid to Calgon in lieu of Standard Purification solely with respect to PAC chemicals used at the Clinton WTP. Standard Purification will continue to provide PAC per original award with respect to other plant treatment processes.



Funding for this purchase is from the 2016 Utilities Operations and Maintenance Budget.



Modify Bid No. B1546 by awarding the bid for powdered activated carbon for use in Clinton Water Plant treatment processes to Calgon Carbon Corporation at the unit price of $0.83 /pound.