City of Lawrence

Public Transit




Thomas Markus, City Manager


Robert A. Nugent, Public Transit Administrator


Diane Stoddard, Assistant City Manager

Casey Toomay, Assistant City Manager


July 6, 2016


Request to Purchase Destination Signs 



City Commission recently approved the purchase of five (5) used heavy-duty fixed route transit buses. To prepare these buses for service starting in August they will need to be equipped with destination signs. These signs are mounted at the front and sides of each bus and provide information to passengers pertaining which route it is operating.


Destination signs are specifically made to be used in transit vehicles. Currently both Lawrence Transit and KU Transit use signs manufactured by Luminator Mass Transit, LLC due to the fact that they are the only provider of such a product.


Project Description

Luminator Mass Transit, LLC has provided a quote for five (5) front and five (5) side signs that matches the requirements of the newly acquired buses. This quote for the ten (10) signs is $15,500. Funding for the purchase of these signs would be provided through the Transit Sales Tax (.05) funds.


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends the acquisition of ten (10) destination signs from Luminator Mass Transit, LLC for a total price of $15,500.


Action Request

Approve the purchase of ten (10) destination signs from Luminator Mass Transit, LLC for the amount of $15,500.