Office of the Mayor


Lawrence, Kansas


WHEREAS:   Parks and recreation programs are an integral part of the City of Lawrence; and


WHEREAS:   Our parks and recreation are of vital importance to establish and maintain the quality of life in our community, ensuring the health and wellness of all citizens, and contributing to its economic and environmental well-being; and


WHEREAS:   Parks and recreation programs build a healthy, active community that aids in preventing chronic disease, provides therapeutic recreation services for those who have special needs, and also improves the mental and emotional health of all citizens; and


WHEREAS:   Our parks and natural recreation areas ensure the ecological beauty of our community and provide a place for children and adults to connect with nature and recreate outdoors; and


WHEREAS:   The City of Lawrence recognizes the benefits derived from parks and recreation resources;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mike Amyx, Mayor of the City of Lawrence, Kansas, do hereby proclaim the month of July, 2016 as:





                                                                                                                   Mike Amyx, Mayor


                                                                   July 12, 2016