City of Lawrence

Planning and Development Services



Thomas M. Markus, City Manager


Danelle Dresslar, Community Development Manager, Planning and Development Services


Scott McCullough, Director, Planning and Development Services


June 29, 2016


Mortgage Subordination



The following individual participated in a Community Development Division loan program.


1.  Steven A. Berger, 1618 Irving Court, participated in the Homeowners Out of Tenants Program in 1998.


In order to participate in the program, they were required to sign a mortgage and mortgage note to protect the City’s interest in the property.  They wish to subordinate to a primary mortgage on the property; in order to do so the City must subordinate the lien to the loan with Central Bank of the Midwest.


Staff Recommendation:

The City’s interest will be protected and staff recommends approval. 



Approval of the mortgage Subordination Agreement for Steven A. Berger, 1618 Irving Court, if appropriate.


The City Clerk will have the document ready for the Mayor's signature.  If you have further questions, please let me know.