Week ending July 8, 2016




Monthly Planning & Development Services Project Report

The attached report provides an update on several city of Lawrence projects in process in the Planning and Development Services Department for the month of July.


New York Times Article

Attached is an article from the New York times entitled “How Anti-Growth Sentiment, Reflected in Zoning Laws, Thwarts Equality”.


Communications Metrics

The City Communications Office has created a new strategic plan for 2016. As part of that plan, the office is capturing certain measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of different platforms and communications tools. The measuring of these tools began in May 2016 with the implementation of the new e-mail distribution program


Follow up on inquiry regarding affordable housing trust fund donations via utility billing round-up – Added 07/11/16

At the meeting on July 5, 2016, Vice Mayor Soden inquired about utilizing an optional round-up through the utility billing system for an individual to make a donation to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.  Staff advises that the current utility billing software would make this logistically difficult.  We have a review of the software in 2017 on the CIP and will keep this feature in mind as we move forward with a software selection.  The Commission would also need to discuss the addition of an optional round-up donation on the bill. 


Future Agenda Items

Attached please find a summary of future agenda items.


Future Work Session Items – Updated 07/11/16

Attached please find a summary of future work session items.