City of Lawrence

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Charles Soules, P.E., Public Works Director


David Corliss, City Manager


David P. Cronin, P.E., City Engineer


November 11, 2014


Rock Chalk Park Infrastructure Completion



In July 2013, Bliss Sports II/RCP, LLC began construction of the infrastructure project at Rock Chalk Park. Infrastructure included all grading, waterline, sanitary sewer, parking lots, streets, landscaping, storm sewer, tennis courts, trails, etc. at the site. The total estimated construction cost of infrastructure before construction was $12,265,168.55. The cost was based on estimated quantities and unit prices the city agreed were acceptable (see attached Final Infrastructure Report for line items and unit costs). City staff met with Bliss Sports II/RCP, LLC bi-weekly about infrastructure throughout the project. City staff inspected the construction of the infrastructure and provided 12 Monthly Infrastructure Progress Reports from July 2013 through July 2014. A Final Infrastructure Progress Report including the City's estimated costs is attached.


The infrastructure project is now substantially complete with a few remaining punch list items to finish. Punch list items include reconstruction of a low water crossing on the trail, cleaning sediment from the retention ponds, repairing concrete crack in Rock Chalk Lane and general site cleanup of construction debris. Work to complete punch list items will continue into the winter.


Summary of Infrastructure Project Costs

The maximum city participation for the Rock Chalk Park project was capped at $22,500,000. With construction costs for Sports Pavilion Lawrence, architect fees, and land the total city cost for infrastructure cap became $10,290,950. Any costs exceeding the $10,290,950 not including change orders are to be funded by the Assists Foundation's $1,000,000 donation per the development agreement.


Bliss Sports II/RCP, LLC and city staff agree that three (3) change orders totaling $161,654 were added to the scope of the project outside of the original development agreement:

1) City requested to add trenching two 4" conduits along George Williams Way from 6th Street to Rock Chalk Drive. The conduit cost was $52,000 based on city estimate of $10/LF.

2) City requested change to construct tennis court surface with post tension concrete instead of asphalt. This will result in long term durability of the tennis courts, the additional cost was $58,765.

3) City requested a contract performance and payment bond in the amount of $10,290,950 to ensure completion of the public improvements. The performance and payment bond cost $50,889.


The total final city infrastructure cost with three (3) additional change orders is $10,452,604. Bliss Sports II/RCP, LLC and city staff agree that to date the total cost of infrastructure improvements under the development agreement is $11,598,439.03. The costs in excess of $10,452,604 will be paid from the Assists Foundation's $1,000,000 donation. City staff is recommending withholding $25,000 in retainage to complete infrastructure punch list items. Supporting documentation for costs and fees is attached.


City Maximum Cost Per Development Agreement




Lawrence Sports Pavilion building*


Architect Fees




Total available funds for infrastructure



Infrastructure Change Orders (Addition to agreement)


4" Conduit (GWW, 6th Street to Rock Chalk Drive see memo)


Tennis Courts Post Tension Concrete


Contract Performance Bond


Total Change Orders



Infrastructure Cost


Total Change Orders


Total City Infrastructure Cost



Final Total Cost of Infrastructure


*Does not include change orders to building.


Action Item

Pending City Commission approval of infrastructure costs and supporting documentation, make payment to RCP, LLC in the amount of $10,427,604; withholding $25,000 in retainage until punch list items are complete.


Pending City Commission approval of infrastructure costs and supporting documentation, make payment to RCP, LLC for costs exceeding the total city infrastructure cost in the amount of $1,000,000 from the Assists Foundation's donation.


Authorize staff to make payment of $25,000 to RCP, LLC when infrastructure punch list items are completed.