City of Lawrence

City Managerís Office



Mayor and City Commission


City Manager, David L. Corliss


November 13, 2014


Trail Easement Agreement with RCP, LLC


As part of the design and construction of the walking/running trail at Rock Chalk Park, a certain portion of the trails were constructed on approximately 19.2 acres of property titled to RCP, LLC, the solely owned University of Kansas Endowment Association (KUEA) entity (see attached map).† This was with the understanding that the City would pay any property taxes on this property and would pay casualty/general liability insurance purchased by RCP,LLC related to the 19.2 acre tract.†† The most recent property tax bill for the property was $19.36 in 2013.† KUEA has provided the attached no-fee trail easement agreement, executed by KUEA, to finalize this agreement.†† Staff recommends City Commission approval of the agreement.†



Approve agreement and authorize Mayor to execute, if appropriate.