City of Lawrence

Parks & Recreation Department



David Corliss, City Manager


Toni Wheeler, City Attorney

Ernie Shaw, Interim Director, Parks & Recreation


Mark Hecker, Assistant Director, Parks and Recreation


November 13, 2014


Sports Pavilion Lawrence – Construction Change Orders


Below are the change orders that were processed for the Sports Pavilion Lawrence facility as it was being constructed. All of these items are things that we requested outside of the contract agreement. All have been paid using a separate purchase order.


Project Description

Change Order #1 - Concure for track concrete, mop sink, electric outlets


CC Approved 5/20/14

Sales Tax Reserve

Change order  #2 for multi-purpose room wall, concessions wall  header, floor blocking on gym floor #1 and #2


CC Approved 7/1/14

Sales Tax Reserve

Dehumidification of building - split cost with contractor


CC Approved 7/1/14

Sales Tax Reserve

Change Order #3 for electrical upgrades for TV's and added outlets


CC Approved 7/8/14

Sales Tax Reserve

Change Order #4 in-fill wall connector plates on concrete walls and painting sprinkler pipes on lower level


Sales Tax Reserve

Change order to add electric, water and pickleball to tennis courts


CC Approved 6/24/14

Sales Tax Reserve

Sales Tax Reserve for Change Orders at SPL  - Sub Total