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David Corliss, City Manager


Diane Stoddard, Assistant City Manager

Casey Toomay, Assistant City Manager

Ernie Shaw, Interim Director, Parks & Recreation

Eileen Horn, Sustainability Coordinator


Mark Hecker, Assistant Director, Parks and Recreation


November 11, 2014


Sunflower Foundation Community Trails Grant for the Burcham Park River Trail.



The Sunflower Foundation provides funding to support the concept of the “built environment” as a strategy to increase opportunities for physical activity and therefore reduce the prevalence of obesity and improve overall health.  Their Community Trails program funds community trail projects of at least ½ mile in length.  Funding is available up to $55,000, contingent upon project budget and bids, and all grants require a $1 for $1 match.


Project Description

Sunflower Grant funding has been approved for a proposed Burcham Park River Trail that would connect Burcham Park with Constant Park with a 0.64 mile multi-use path along the Kansas River.  This trail would connect (see attached map) the recently constructed Sandra Shaw Trail adjacent to Burcham Park with destinations such as Downtown, the levee trail, and Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  The Burcham Park River Trail will serve as a site for recreation and physical activity, bicycle commuting, and access to the Kansas River.  The 3400 ft. (0.64 mile) trail will be constructed partially of concrete, and partially of asphalt millings to balance trail surface durability and cost. 


We received widespread community support for the grant application, and included letters of support with our application from:  The Sustainability Advisory Board, Livewell Lawrence, the Douglas County Health Department, Friends of the Kaw, Jayhawk Audubon Society, Kansas Wildlife Federation, Dads of Douglas County, Run Lawrence, Bert Nash Mental Health Center, Outside for a Better Inside, and the Pinckney Neighborhood Association.


Project Funding

A $106,920 project was submitted and approved for grant funding. The City will fund the entire amount of construction project. The 50/50 grant, will reimburse expenses up to $53,480. The remaining project costs will be paid from Sales Tax Reserve.


Action Requested

Authorize the City Manager to sign funding agreements and begin the bidding process as outlined by the Sunflower Foundation Community Trails Grant for construction of the Burcham Park River Trail.