City of Lawrence

Parks & Recreation Department



David Corliss, City Manager


Diane Stoddard, Assistant City Manager

Casey Toomay, Assistant City Manager

Mark Hecker, Assistant Director, Parks and Recreation


Ernie Shaw, Interim Director, Parks & Recreation


November 11, 2014


Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism Recreational Trails Grant – Baldwin Creek Trail



Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism offers grants through the Federal Recreational Trails Program for Federal Fiscal Year 2013, which began Oct. 1, 2013.  This grant program provides eighty percent (80%) of a project’s total cost, on a reimbursement basis for eligible recreational trail and trail related projects.


A Federal Recreational Trails Program grant application was submitted by the Parks & Recreation Department to assist in funding a .7-mile crushed limestone recreation path which will start on Queens Road and head southwest along the Baldwin Creek until it meets the newly constructed trails in Rock Chalk Park (see attached map). At the other end of the Rock Chalk Park trails there are connections to the SLT Bike Path that loops around the west and south sides of the city.  


The City currently has a utility and pedestrian easement along the proposed route of this trail which will cause the trial to pass over the creek area multiple times (5). A significant portion of the grant funding will go toward bridge or creek crossings.


Project Funding

A $400,000 project was submitted and approved for grant funding. The City will fund the entire amount of construction project. The 80/20 grant, will reimburse expenses up to $320,000. The remaining project costs will be paid from Sales Tax Reserve.


Action Requested

Authorize the City Manager to sign an agreement with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism Recreational Trails Program to provide grant funding for the .7-mile trail along the Baldwin Creek pedestrian easement.