City of Lawrence

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City Manager David L. Corliss



October 3, 2013



Future Agenda Items



The items listed below are planned for future agendas.† I have listed the date of items as they are known.† Dates are subject to change.†



         Rental Registration Ordinance, direction to staff on changes to draft ordinance.†† Dever Comments†† Amyx Comments†† Schumm Comments†† Farmer Comments


Materials from 09/10/13 City Commission meeting: ††Staff Memo    Ordinance No. 8440    Administrative Compliance Procedures  06/25/13 CC Meeting Materials - Staff Memo   06/25/13 CC Meeting Materials - Correspondence   Correspondence



         Discuss results of EPA study of parking in the Oread Neighborhood.†† Staff Memo & Attachments


         Adopt the Bed Bug Infestation Procedures.†† Staff Memo & Attachments


         Consider approving the purchase of three (3) fixed-route vehicles as replacements for three (3) existing fixed-route transit vehicles which have surpassed both the manufacturer and Federal Transit Administration useful life requirements. These vehicles would be purchased off of the existing Brownsville, Texas Contract with Gillig Corporation for a total cost of $1,275,000.† Federal Grants will pay for $1,058,205 and the local match of $216,750 will be paid for by the City.†† Staff Memo & Attachments


ACTION:††††† Approve the purchase of three (3) fixed-route vehicles for a total of $216,750, if appropriate.


         Approve Memorandum of Intent with Douglas County and the University of Kansas creating the Campus Village Initiative, a mechanism to implement the recommendation in the Retiree Attraction and Retention Task Force recommendation of establishing an intergenerational long-life community with diverse housing options in Lawrence for KU Alumni and Friends, Haskell Alumni and Friends, and Baker University and Friends within five years.


         Receive the recommendations from the joint HRC/PC discussions regarding the issues outlined in the 11/29/12 Downtown Redevelopment Issues & Opportunities Memo.†† Staff Memo & Attachments†† Staff Memo - 06/20/13†† †††HRC Minutes - 06/20/13†† Correspondence


         Receive a staff report on the history of investment thresholds in the property tax abatement policy and provide direction to staff regarding possible revisions to the policy.†† Staff Memo & Attachments