City of Lawrence

Public Works



David L. Corliss, City Manager



Chuck Soules, Director of Public Works



Diane Stoddard, Cynthia Wagner, Jonathan Douglass, Steve Bennett, Mark Thiel



September 18, 2013



Kansas Airport Improvement Program Grant



The Lawrence Municipal Airport supports approximately 65,000 annual operations from various types of activities, such as business transport, emergency medical transport, flight instruction, aerial pipeline inspections, air cargo, and air shows.  Several aircraft maintenance businesses are located on the airfield including: Don’s Diesel, Great Plains, Stuber Research, and Gut Works.  Life Star of Kansas is an air ambulance operator that has been based at the airport since 2002.


The University of Kansas maintains a hangar and plane frequently used by sports teams and officials.  Other local businesses that use the airport include Haskell University, Hy-Vee Foods, Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Del Monte, First Management, G F Construction, Campus Quest, Packerware, and Global Com as well as others.


Lawrence’s fixed based operator, Hetrick Air Services provides aircraft fueling, flight training, charter service, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, and other aviation services. 


There are over 60 aircraft based at the Airport.  The City owns and leases 30 T-hangars.


Currently Hetrick Air Services provides full service fueling.  Hours of operation are typically 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, seasonal hours fluctuate.


The Aviation Advisory Board has recommended that the City install/provide a self-fueling facility. Self-fueling will be available 24/7 and can be provided at a lower cost for fuel. 


Fuel sales over the last few years have been:


2013 Year to Date

22,000 Gallons


38,000 Gallons


32,000 Gallons


Other airports in the region that provide both full service and self-service have indicated that self-service is approximately 10% of their sales.  Additional sales of 5% (estimated) may be realized from aircraft traveling when the FBO is not open and from local pilots that may fuel at other locations using a self-fueling option that is lower in cost than the full service costs that Lawrence provides. 


Kansas Department of Transportation has an Aviation Division that has a grant available to partially fund self-fueling facilities and other infrastructure improvements.  The grant for this improvement is 85% sate and 15% city match.  The estimated cost is $70,000 for a self-fueling system.  An agreement with Hetrick Air Services will need to be completed with respect to costs, fees, and maintenance.


Action Requested:  Authorize staff to submit a KAIP (Kansas Airport Improvement Program) application for self-fueling operation at the Lawrence Municipal Airport for an estimated cost of $70,000.


Respectfully Submitted,

Charles F. Soules, P.E.

Director of Public Works