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December 5, 2012 Ė Updated 12/11/12


Transportation Enhancement Funding: Potential Projects


Background on Transportation Enhancement Funding:

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) awards Federal Transportation Enhancement funding through KDOTís Transportation Enhancement (TE) program. KDOT has $15 million in TE funding to award in 2013.


The City has six (6) projects that are eligible to apply for TE funding in 2013. To be eligible to apply, the project must be related to surface transportation, must fall under one of three specified categories (historic, scenic and environmental, or bicycle and pedestrian), and the application must be submitted by a local governing entity.


KDOTís TE program functions as a reimbursement program, not as a grant program. The City pays for the work as it is performed on the project, submitting proof of payment to KDOT for reimbursement. KDOT then reimburses the City as the bills are submitted, minus the city match. The City must cover 20% of the total project cost and 100% of the project design costs.


The deadline for submitting project applications is February 15, 2013.


Potential Projects:

As mentioned above, each project must fall under one of three categories: historic, scenic and environmental, or bicycle and pedestrian.


The historic category includes historic preservation projects that relate to transportation or establishing transportation museums. The City has two (2) projects that fall under this category.


The scenic and environmental category includes landscaping and other scenic beautification projects near surface transportation sites; also includes environmental mitigation efforts to address highway runoff and wildlife habitat connectivity. The City has one (1) project that falls under this category.


The bicycle and pedestrian category includes projects that provide amenities for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as preserving abandoned railway corridors by turning them into corridors for bicyclists and pedestrians. The City has three (3) projects under this category.


Projects considered under the same category will be competing for TE funding within that category. Staff has suggested a ranked order of those projects within the same category. Under the historic category, the Santa Fe Station is prioritized first with Indiana Brick Street Reconstruction second. Under the bicycle and pedestrian category, staff prioritized Burroughs Creek first, Rock Chalk Park to Queens Road second, and Bob Billings Bike Lane Addition third (the numbers next to the project titles in the following table correspond to staffís recommendations).


Below is a table listing the Cityís six (6) potential TE projects for 2013. Project descriptions are included as attachments.


TE Category


†Total Project Cost Estimate

†City Match (20% of Total TE Eligible Cost Estimate)


1. Santa Fe Station (updated 12/11/12)*

$1,582,583 (includes 100% of design/bidding fees not TE eligible)

$312,114 (includes 20% of TE eligible cost plus additional bidding fees)


2. Indiana Brick Street Reconstruction



Scenic & Environmental

Breezedale Monuments (updated 12/11/12)*

$60,500 (includes 100% of design/bidding fees not TE eligible)

$16,100 (includes 20% of TE eligible cost plus fees not TE eligible)

Bicycle & Pedestrian

1. Burroughs Creek*



Bicycle & Pedestrian

2. Rock Chalk Park to Queens Road



Bicycle & Pedestrian

3. Bob Billings Bike Lane Addition




Staff recommends proceeding only with one project in each category, the projects marked with an asterisk (*).† The Commission is requested to provide guidance regarding these TE project applications. Staff will provide finalized application materials and budgets for Commission authorization in January for all the projects chosen to proceed with the TE application.


Action Requested:

Provide direction regarding TE project applications.