Revised:  1/19/12



Social Service Funding Advisory Board


Barbara Schnitker

4705 Broadway Drive, 66049





08/17/10 – 08/31/12 First

Megan Leopold

1405 New York Street, 66044





09/07/10 - 08/31/12 First





08/31/12 First


Barbara Carswell

1515 Stratford Rd., 66044




06/08/10 -08/31/13 First

Donna Osness

1654 University Drive




06/08/10 – 08/31/13 First

Erika Dvorske

United Way of Douglas County

2518 Ridge Ct., 66046




06/08/10 – 08/31/13 First




08/31/13 First


CITY LIAISON:          Casey Toomay, Budget Manager

                                    Phone:  832.3409



MEMBERS:     Seven composed of the following:  one member who is a United Way Liaison, and six members who are citizens of Lawrence at large with interest in services including but not limited to affordable housing and neighborhood quality, homelessness, arts and culture, alcohol and drug related issues, public health and safety, or youth and families.  Members shall not be employed by any agency receiving social service funding from the City.


TERMS:          Members of the board shall serve three year terms, except when appointed to fill out an unexpired term, the member may complete that term plus two consecutive three-year terms.  The board shall elect every year a member from its membership to serve as Chair who shall preside at meetings.





Established by Ordinance No. 8501, the Social Service Funding Advisory Board is responsible for reviewing requests and making recommendations to the City Commission on the use of Special Alcohol Funds, General Funds, and the Housing Trust Fund.


The duties of the board shall be as follows:


A)   As part of the annual City budget, the board shall review requests and make recommendations to the City Commission on the use of the following City resources:


1)   Special Alcohol and Drug Abuse Funds, excluding the use of funds by City departments, using the criteria as outlined in Charter Ordinance No. 33;

2)   Resources in the City’s General Operating Fund for social service agencies;

3)   Resources in the City’s Housing Trust Fund for projects that encourage and support the acquisition, rehabilitation, and development of affordable housing and/or emergency shelter and supportive services necessary to maintain independent living with dignity.


B)   Recommend to the City Commission such reporting requirements on the use of the City Funds as the board determines appropriate.


C)   Evaluate the use of City Funds by recipients and report to the City Commission on such findings and determinations as the Board determines appropriate.