City of Lawrence

Department of Public Works



David L. Corliss


Chuck Soules


Diane Stoddard, Cynthia Wagner, Jonathan Douglass, Toni Wheeler,

Shoeb Uddin, Mark Thiel, David Woosley, Tom Orzulak


January 12, 2012


January 24, 2012 Agenda Item

11th Street, Mississippi Street to Missouri Street, renamed Fambrough Drive


Please include the following item on the City Commission agenda for consideration at the January 24, 2012 meeting:

The proposal is to rename 11th Street (north of the KU Football Stadium) to Fambrough Drive in honor of former Kansas University football player, assistant coach, and two-time head coach Don Fambrough.

Staff has researched the addresses of properties abutting 11th Street and found that most properties are addressed off intersecting north/south streets (Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, and Missouri).  The Delta Tau Delta Fraternity (south side of 11th Street west of Missouri) has an address of 1111 West 11th Street.  This address has a history and tradition with the fraternity (see attached letter).  The proposal to rename 11th Street to Fambrough Drive from Mississippi Street to Missouri Street would not impact this location.

The attached map indicates how the street will be designated:


11th Street will continue east of Mississippi Street.

West of Mississippi Street to Missouri Street will be renamed to Fambrough Drive.

The 11th Street name will remain from Missouri Street to West Campus Road.


Staff will notify emergency services, utilities, school district and others of the street name change.


Action Request.

Approve Ordinance 8695 renaming 11th Street from Mississippi Street to Missouri Street to Fambrough Drive.