List of Possible Pros and Cons for the City Regarding CWC Proposal

May 2011


Possible Pros  


Possibility of increased revenue over time as the CWC services grow


Leveraging access to increased connectivity through CWC infrastructure


Additional video/internet service offerings for the public through CWC


Avoidance of providing grant match for fiber build out


Support for locally-owned company


Savings of $6000 per year in current video service fees related to water tower monitoring by CWC


Administrative ease/efficiency related to consolidation of agreements






















Possible Cons


Less-than-market rate for infrastructure access, at least initially


Loss of control related to some of the City’s infrastructure unless bank collateral issue and security concerns can be resolved


Disparate treatment of for-profit companies and potential liability as a result


Operational challenges and coordination issues if fiber is shared or owned by another entity other than the City.