City of Lawrence

Public Works Department



David L. Corliss, City Manager
Charles F. Soules, Public Works Director


Tammy Bennett, Assistant Public Works Director


Casey Toomay, Budget Manager



May 21, 2013


Solid Waste rates for 2014


No further changes are recommended for the solid waste rates in 2014, other than those already authorized.


On August 14, 2012, the City Commission provided direction for the Solid Waste monthly residential rates to vary by cart size, as follows:



$ 16.94


$ 14.94


$ 13.44


These fees were codified by ordinance 8781 and are current in effect.


Every other week city-wide curbside recycling services will begin in October 2014 for single-family and multi-family residents.† On March 26, 2013, the City Commission authorized the services, with a rate structure of $2.81 per account.† †This service will be mandatory pay, voluntary participation.  The effective date for the recycling fee is October 15, 2014.† Once implemented, the Solid Waste monthly residential rate will become:



$ 19.75


$ 17.75


$ 16.25


The recycling program and rates were codified by Ordinance 8851.† As a reminder, the single-family customersí recycling collection service will be matched to the type of trash service each customer currently has (curbside or alley collection).  If a customer lives in a neighborhood serviced by trash dumpsters then the City will co-locate a recycling dumpster in the same area.  For single-family customers who do not receive dumpster trash service, the standard recycling cart size will be 95 gallons.  Customers will have the option of requesting an alternative size cart, additional carts, or declining to participate.  Collection will be every-other-week using City crews and City equipment.  Multi-family customers will be served by containers of a type and location similar to their trash service.  If services are paid on a commercial trash basis, property owners will be responsible for the recycling charges for the number of units in each dwelling. 


No rate changes will occur for commercial customers.

The landfill rate will increase by 3.5 percent to $27.04 per ton for solid waste.† Recycling materials will be handled by the material recovery facility (MRF) being developed by Hammís, per the contract with the City.