City Managerís Office

Commission Meeting Date: Nov. 20, 2018

Staff Contact:

Diane Stoddard, Assistant City Manager

Danielle Buschkoetter, Budget and Strategic Initiatives Manager

Recommendations/Options/Action Requested:


Receive report on the strategic plan and provide direction as appropriate.


Executive Summary:

As part of the Cityís update every four (4) months to the City Commission on the strategic plan, the attached report provides an update on each of the following priority initiatives. A brief update is also summarized below.


1.    Inventory and evaluate the role of existing advisory boards and commissions, identify opportunities to consolidate or sunset as appropriate, and adopt consistent operating guidelines.

a.    Attached memo provides a comprehensive update.

2.    Review Cityís practices for ongoing professional development and align efforts to achieve excellence around the Commissionís priorities.

a.    An additional training program for non-supervisory staff is currently underway. Staff have had some setbacks revising the performance evaluation instrument and establishing a succession plan. It is anticipated that progress will be made on these items in the next year.

3.    Identify barriers to having high-speed fiber throughout Lawrence and facilitate the development of the necessary infrastructure by the private sector.

a.    Staff is working on updating right-of-way practices and processes to help reduce some current barriers that are in place. It is anticipated that a right-of-way ordinance will be brought forward in 2019.

4.    Review 9th Street plans and develop a proposal to complete the road infrastructure and determine ability to add creative and artistic elements.

a.    Construction on 9th street has begun. As it relates to this initiative, it is considered complete.

5.    Develop a City facility master plan and comprehensive facility maintenance plan.

a.    Funds for a facility master plan are in the 2019 budget.

6.    Develop a plan to implement priority-based budgeting and enhance communication in the annual budget process.†

a.    Staff have begun the implementation of priority-based budgeting which will be ready for the 2020 budget development.

7.    Develop and communicate a long-term financial strategy.

a.    Financial forecasts are included in the budget document and an annual Capital Improvement Plan is adopted with the budget. Staff are developing a 5-year financial forecast to use for the 2020 budget.

8.    Develop a master plan for Downtown that includes needed and desirable assets, infrastructure, and uses.

a.    An agreement was approved in August and staff held a kickoff meeting with the Steering Committee in November.


In addition to an update on each priority initiative, there are performance indicators that are updated on the strategic planning website.

Strategic Plan Critical Success Factor

Effective Governance/Professional Administration

Safe, Healthy, and Welcoming Neighborhoods

Innovative Infrastructure and Asset Management

Core Services

Sound Fiscal Stewardship

Collaborative Solutions

Economic Growth and Security

Fiscal Impact (Amount/Source):

There is no financial impact.


Memorandum on Advisory Boards




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